Memory album

In the fabric of our store experience, the passing of famous people represents an extraordinary moment. Not only is it an honor to welcome well-known faces, but it also testifies to the quality and excellence of our services .

The visit of prominent personalities underlines the trust in our brand and the products we offer. They choose our showcase to satisfy their needs , implicitly transmitting a seal of approval to our quality and the attention we dedicate to our customers.

But the importance goes beyond prestige .

The passing of famous people in a shop testifies to the welcoming atmosphere that can be felt here. Every client, famous or not, is welcomed with the same enthusiasm, attention and respect, creating an environment where everyone feels at ease.

Luciano De Crescenzo

Engineer, philosopher, writer but above all NEAPOLITAN, Luciano De Crescenzo's visit was a great honor for us and even more a fun moment that we have always carried in our hearts.

Vittorio Sgarbi

Massimo D'alema

During one of his trips to Naples, the former prime minister
Italian Massimo D'Alema stopped in our traditional objects shop. His visit was a moment of great honor and pleasure. Fascinated by the richness and beauty of our objects, he demonstrated a sincere appreciation for our unique collection. His friendliness made his visit an unforgettable experience, enriching the bond between our shop and the leading personalities of Italian culture.

Bill Clinton

Andrea Bocelli

During his visit, Bocelli was able to immerse himself in the art and tradition that characterize our unique souvenirs. His presence added a note of prestige to our shop, underlining the link between our authentic Neapolitan tradition and the leading personalities of Italian and international culture.

Enzo Gragnaniello

Alberto Bevilacqua

Writer, poet, but above all dedicated to creativity and admirer of beauty, Alberto Bevilacqua gave us words of appreciation in our workshop for our work and our desire to bring Neapolitan art ever higher

Federico Salvatore