Between history, charm and tradition in the heart of Naples


All our customers are Very Important Persons


La Bancarella Napoli Store

Our business was born in the sixties in the heart of Naples, precisely in Galleria Umberto I.
Over these long years La Bancarella has welcomed writers, singers, artists and heads of state, who have honored our city.
Sometimes I even think that Naples may still be the last hope the human race has left.

Our Piezz and Core

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Made with the heart

Dry eyes are worse than cracked ones

For the Neapolitans, misfortune is always lurking. Better to keep her away.

Maradona is better and Pelè

Some loves never end! Legendary Diego!

Oi Life Oi my life!

Sorry for the delay... I'll start again from three!

Umberto I Gallery

Admiring the majesty of the Umberto I Gallery in Naples  It's hard to believe it was built in just 3 years. Begun in 1887 and finished in 1890, it was built in the same years in which Gustave Eiffel built his famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.
The Gallery was built so that in the city center there was a public space sufficiently large and protected from the elements, it not only had an important commercial and social function, but also a monumental one: it certainly could not disfigure compared to the artistic beauties present in its vicinity.

The Growth of La Bancarella in the Umberto I Gallery

In a short time, shops, professional studios, newspaper editorial offices, offices and fashion ateliers concentrated in the Gallery until it became one of the places where small and large events in the city of Naples took place.
This is the story, our story: that of a shop dating back to 1111 that passes through generations, lives on the history of everyone who enters it and is nourished by the warmth of this city.

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Nun s pass a scop n'comp e pier

Nun s pass to scop n'comp and pier

A woman who inadvertently touched her feet with the broom was not considered good at housework and, consequently, would never marry again.

Nun adda' care' l'uohli' n'terr

Nun adda' care' l'uohli' n'terr

Oil was and is a precious commodity, dropping it on the ground is a harbinger of misfortune in the home.

Nun s' pass sotto a' scal

No one passed under the scal

Whoever passes under the ladder brings misfortune upon himself